Lunch at Claire Loves, Clarke Quay

I met C and C one saturday afternoon for brunch at this little cafe-restaurant tucked in one of Clarke Quay’s tributaries. It served fusion tapas like food and could be booked on Chope, which were its two main attractions. The portions were really small though! It was something like $23 for 3 small plates, so we ordered 6 small plates to share among the 4 of us and one margherita pizza.

We really liked the truffled mash potato, which is flavoured with a generous drizzle of truffle oil/paste. Definitely worth the carbs!

The mussels braised in some garlic/white wine sauce with spinach were also quite good, but there were really few of them.

The margherita pizza was underwhelmingly small and didn’t have a satisfying crust.

The shimeiji mussels in a sake butter sauce were pretty awesome – sounds really simple to prepare too! I might try it sometime myself at home.

The claypot rice which is apparently a signature was rather underwhelming! The waiters also sort of forgot about this order and didn’t serve it until 10 minutes after we’d finished everything else. This is nearly nothing like claypot rice, there are no charred bits, it’s more like caipeng, where the meat is strewn on top of white rice.

The crab cakes were really nice too but they were the size of scallops. I liked the remoulade that was served with them.

First time trying sticky date pudding for LZ and C and me! It wasn’t super obviously date-y or anything but we did like the sticky texture. Like a cross between a nian gao and a sponge cake, but doused in caramel.

The warm chocolate cake was really good too.

So there’s a little blackboard in the restaurant that says you can get a free hot chocolate if it’s raining. It was drizzling a teeny little bit before we arrived and we were wondering (hoping) for it to turn into a full downpour but it never happened :P Well you may be luckier!

It’s worth a visit, but I wouldn’t travel all the way here for it!


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