Lunch at Pietrasanta, Portsdown Road

We had lunch here with Mf just before one of our trips this year and it was amazing! For starters we finally managed to order the burrata that we always see everyone eating but that is not on the menu. I think it’s something like $38 haha but it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Extra creamy whole burrata (probably a better idea if you have at least 4 in your party), served with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, prosciutto, rocket, and roma tomatoes. It was excellent! We were really full after this though, it’s possible to just order this and perhaps a side of their house made foccacia for a complete lunch!

They had quite a few specials that day, and we decided to try three of them: The wood grilled lemon sole, the squid ink ravioli filled with prawn meat, and the porcini aglio olio linguine.

The lemon sole was beautiful. Absolutely beautifully done, meat that flaked apart perfectly and that was lemony and salty and briny all at once. Amazing.

This squid ink pasta with prawns in a lemon tomato sauce was originally on the menu I think, but perhaps got taken off in their updated menu. I’m so glad you can still order it now and then as a special.. it is really good. Like, one of their best pastas. The lemon zest in the tomato cream sauce is an excellent idea to complement the prawn filling of the ravioli

This is not your typical aglio olio pasta in that it’s a little more saucy, like an yee mee you get from a zhi char stall. The garlic taste is still very much present, but now there is also the sauce sweated by the porcini mushrooms, and the entire dish was well balanced and well flavoured throughout.

We ended with some panna cotta with caramel, which is a pretty solid panna cotta but I prefer the more Italian way of doing caramel which is the clear sticky sauce instead of this milky “Cadbury” version.

9/10, and we didn’t even get to the pizza today.


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