Dinner at Hifumi, Marina Square

We came here after milling about Marina Square looking for a not so expensive dinner in the new dining section near to Citylink mall. There are quite a few very interesting restaurants there, like Nuvo and Shallot, which I really want to try, but those have lunch sets that I think are more worth it than having dinner there.

So we decided on eating at this Japanese restaurant which has an appetizer buffet – you can get free flow chasoba, sweet potato fries, chawanmushi, potato salad, that sort of thing. It’s quite extensive but the things I listed were the only things I liked. It comes with any main you order, or you can just have the appetizer buffet. It was great for me because I really like chawanmushi.


and theirs is not bad. Nothing special and the stock used is average but still it was silky and great with the shoyu.

dipping sauce for the chasoba

Here’s the cha soba. It was average as well, would have preferred it if they served it with scallions and seaweed like the kuishinbo one which was awesome.

Here’s the potato salad which is also not bad, but you can make it yourself at home. The sweet potato sticks are in the background.

So L ordered salmon don with ikura and lotus root which he liked but I think was not really special, like the salmon was not mindblowing or anything.

My oyakodon was decidedly horrid. The chicken is really unfresh, like the kind of frozen chicken you can only buy in Walmart and not in a proper supermarket like Trader Joe’s. And the kind of frozen chicken you definitely can’t buy in any of our normal supermarkets like NTUC or cold storage, you’d have to look really hard to cut costs to buy this kind of old chicken. I basically extracted all the chicken from my plate and just ate the eggs and rice. They also leave the chicken skin on the chicken, which I hate.

Not coming back here! Should have spent our money at a non-buffet place which I think would be far more worth it.


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