Lunch at Nene Chicken, Star Vista

We finally tried this after 4fingers and I think 4fingers is waay better despite having fewer sauce combinations. Their sauces are more slick and better done and they are more generous with everything in general!

What I really didn’t like was how stingy this place was. The portions are smaller I feel, the prices are not that reasonable, and you can only order certain sauce combinations with certain sets, which is pretty lame since they have all the materials to let you order whatever sauce you like for whatever kind of chicken you want.

We shared the cheesy chicken bites [$9.90 for the meal]

and the original flavour chicken wings [$7.95 a la carte].
So you can’t get cheesy chicken wings, or green onion chicken wings, only original or spicy, because they’re just inflexible like that.

Also, they don’t offer ANY sauces. No ketchup, no chilli sauce, nothing, because they claim everything already has seasoning on it. So any extra sauces you want you’ll have to purchase for $1, and they don’t have your regular options like chilli sauce/ketchup, it’s stuff like honey mustard etc.

Sets come with pickled radish

And fries (which turned out to be well seasoned actually), just that I was craving fries with ketchup :S

chicken wings take 2. So even though there were clearly two of us, since we only ordered only one chicken wing set, they only gave us one plastic glove. Is this really reasonable service? The chicken itself is so -so, not really properly coated, it was fresh but the batter also wasn’t fantastic or anything.

Anyone knows where to find the best korean fried chicken in singapore?


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