Dinner at The Cathay (a la carte)

We tried this restaurant after one of those SSO chamber concerts at SOTA since it’s so nearby and I had always wanted to try it. They have 1 for 1 set deals for UOB, DBS, and I think HSBC cards, but those set meals are frequently something like $88++ or $98++ for two people, so if you don’t like the options in the set meal it makes sense to go for the a la carte options, which they do have.

The restaurant itself smells a little fishy, like it hasn’t really been cleaned properly. Not enough to put us off coming back though! I quite liked the food.

We started with the special sauce glazed spare ribs [$8] – they have two versions of this, one is just “special sauce” and the other one is the “chef’s special sauce” haha but the price differential is like $20 or something. We might come back to try the other one!

I am a huge fan of deep fried white bait [$10] and can nearly never resist ordering this when it’s on the menu. This was not bad, but I prefer the peach garden one.

The salted egg yolk prawns [$28] are also not bad, but the salted egg is worked into the batter and isn’t really a nice gloopy sauce. I prefer the Jumbo version of this, they are both served in a very pretty fried noodle bowl.

I really liked the home-made tofu with crabmeat sauce [$7 per person] – it had a really thick layer of spinach paste and was also served with spinach and wolfberries.

The XO fried rice [$20] was definitely not a two person portion, perhaps at least a 4 person portion. We tapaoed this so as to be able to fit in dessert.

Their yam ice cream with pumpkin puree [$4.80] is amazing! I love yam ice cream and this is pretty innovative compared to the typical orh nee. It’s drizzled with some coconut milk and slivered almonds.

All in all, a pretty good dining experience and I would certainly come back. The pickles (honey glazed sesame cashews) are $3 and the tea/water is $2.50 each. DBS cards give a 15% discount!


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