Dinner at the University Club

We went to the University Club for dinner because they had this seafood 6 course meal promotion [$68] in May and we wanted to try it. I really didn’t like how it turned out, however! Perhaps it was because we were catching the tail end of the seafood season :S but still they should just eliminate the set meal instead of serving unfresh seafood.

Here are the many forks for LZ’s seafood meal. Only one of us ordered the set since we wanted to try other things.

The smoked salmon amuse bouche for all of us. I’m not a big fan of raw looking fish (includes smoked fish) unless it’s smoked trout.

His first appetizer was little clumps of bay scallops in horseradish mayonnaise and microgreens. Not bad.

Then he a few slabs of cured norwegian salmon with ikura, which I also don’t take. I assume all these were quite good.

I ordered a spanner crab cappuccino [$16] since I couldn’t eat any of the raw stuff; this was pretty good although the soup base seems to be more prawn stock based than crab. Also they serve crab meat in the soup but there are some gelatinous bits attached to it – is that part of the spanner crab?

The pasta course was cannelloni filled with spinach and ricotta and served in a tomato crab sauce. It was so-so, the crab in the sauce was a bit fishy smelling.

I ordered a vegetarian main course – grilled portabellas with lentils and a balsamic reduction [$18]. Didn’t like the lentils too much but the portabellas were good and roasted.

The best part of the meal was the salted egg yolk prawn linguine [$23] which is not on the menu. We liked this a lot – it was very fusion, and fusion done well. The creaminess of the salted egg yolk sauce paired with bacon and jumbo prawns really ups the ante for this dish.

The main dish for the seafood menu was an extremely thick spanish seafood broth that was tomato based and had lots of shellfish and fish. It was really fishy though, I didn’t like it at all and somehow I don’t have a picture for it.

The post meal cappuccino [$4.80]

And the chocolate caramel fondant [$14] that was so amazing! The caramel here is more like a toffee and was sticky and chewy and just beautiful. No dairy in the caramel at all.

The seafood meal comes with a coconut mousse with pineapple and lychee which I don’t take either.

So I think in general they do set meals very well, just that the items in this seafood menu really didn’t appeal to me. Of course I wouldn’t write this off as a place to eat at all, since most of my likes and dislikes are due to personal preference more than anything else. I do think the seafood served in the seafood set meal were a lot less fresh than the usual fare I have here though for lunch.


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