Dinner at Jumbo Seafood Gallery, Clarke Quay

We came here to celebrate my brother’s birthday in May and also tried other things on the menu rather than our usual order since he last complained that we always order the same thing :P

The marinated jellyfish appetizer [$12] is the standard stuff they serve in the cold dish during chinese dinners.

The salted egg yolk prawns [$44] were really nice! This is the large portion – I think you can order it shelled or deshelled. The deshelled version is pretty good too, and the sauce is really thick and has a great salted egg yolk flavour.

I can’t resist this – crispy baby squid [$18], glazed with a sweet soy sauce.

We also always order the home made tofu [$24] with shimeiji mushrooms and broccoli. Their home made spinach tofu has more egg than the Cathay’s one I think.

First time trying the salt and pepper crab [$63.80] – it was pretty good with lots of wok hei and also not as runny nose inducing as their chilli crab. You can actually taste the crab in here and the spices used blended perfectly with the meat. There was also a hint of chinese wine I thought. Too bad crab is so difficult to share at a dinner or I would definitely order it more often. I find eating crab most enjoyable with my peers who are more gung ho about getting their hands dirty.

We also had the asparagus with scallop, but I think the paradise group does that one much better, especially since they fry the asparagus with XO sauce.


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