Lunch at Marco Marco, The Metropolis, Buona Vista

We had lunch here one day after discovering that there were a lot more food options at the Metropolis than just McDonalds (which is all I see when I pass by). So this is probably the first in what will become a series of posts about the restaurants here!

The first place we decided to try was Marco Marco, a pseudo Italian place serving tiny pizzas and strange looking pastas. This is not in general the kind of restaurant I would eat at (looks really sketchy, the menu and also the food I saw other people eating) but it seems to be popular enough among the lunch crowd!

I must say their paninis are quite amazing. They mix things up by making different non-conventional dressings that go perfectly with the meat, and the bread used is chewy and not too soft. Not panini bread at all but I won’t be picky. It’s way better than subway/quiznos/all those weird little chains and they serve real meat!

We had this Thai pulled pork panini that was had a really nice sweet chilli mayonnaise and marinated shredded pork. The rest of the paninis had really interesting sounding fillings too, unlike the pastas or pizzas.

We also ordered a “creamless” carbonara which was very strange. Even the one at Spaghetti Goemon in Star Vista is better than this. It wasn’t strange because of the creamlessness but rather the bacon tasted off, a little like chinese sausage. And I hate chinese sausage. Not to mention it doesn’t go in a carbonara. So. Not ordering the pasta here ever again!

We didn’t try the pizzas because none of the toppings looked particularly legit, the pizzas we saw that people ordered were pretty tiny (good for one person I guess!) and didn’t seem particularly appetizing. If you find a topping combination that you like, well and good, but I wouldn’t count on it.

They have a add-on sets like a salad and iced tea or a dessert and iced tea, etc. We opted for the chocolate mousse, which was really substandard and not worth the calorie count.

One thing I really like about the metropolis are the slate sculptures of business people milling around outside holding umbrellas.

Since school is out in June there were these kids playing on the steps and LZ thought they were really cute and remniscent of his own childhood. Well considering it was the middle of the work day and we were milling around Buona Vista aimlessly like we would have 10 years ago, I think we’ve grown up very successfully indeed.


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