Dinner at TAO Seafood Restaurant, Asia Square Tower 2, Marina Bay

We ate here at the end of May because there was a 15% discount if one booked the restaurant through Chope. Its location isn’t exactly ideal – hidden in the second floor of Asia Square Tower 2 –

a place no one goes to except for work and where people wouldn’t voluntarily look for since the nearest MRT station is Marina Bay, it’s not exactly “heart” of the city.

The menu online looked really interesting though, so we gave it a shot anyway.

I must say buildings/facilities in the CBD are SO much more advanced than what we have in business parks in the east. I work in the science park (if you haven’t already surmised from all the food posts about Holland V and Ghim Moh and Star Vista etc.) and we have NOTHING that looks like this. Even restaurant service is so much better there than here. Look at that tree in the middle of the food court! All the bankers in the CBD should come take a look at my dingy, appetite killing cafeteria.

They started us off with a pineapple and cucumber achar. It was nice but also quite standard.

I wanted to try the yuan yang prawns – basically deep fried prawns with two different sauces – a wasabi mayonnaise and a sweet lime mayonnaise, then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Here’s a closeup of the wasabi prawns. They were huge and pretty delicious, but the sauce got a bit gelat after awhile. I suppose this is not meant to be shared by only 2 people :P

The salted egg yolk fish skin is really amazing! I think fried fish skin is really the best vehicle for salted egg yolk sauce, compared to crabs, prawns, etc. It pairs perfectly, salty and creamy and spicy all at once.

Another dish that seemed really inspired was the claypot cod – a huge slab of cod is surrounded by all kinds of aromatics – lots of ginger, garlic, parsley, a very flavourful oyster sauce mix, some kind of root, spring onion, etc, and then cooked in a claypot. The flavour was really intense and the cod flaked perfectly. Definitely order this if you’re coming.

I left just enough space for a bowl of orh nee, which they steamed and brought over very quickly. This is how they serve it to you: drizzled with coconut milk and with the gingko nuts peeking out.

And here it is all mixed up. I really liked the orh nee. I especially liked that there was no pumpkin whatsoever in my dessert – all the restaurants seem to be jumping on the bandwagon and scattering random cubes of pumpkin on top. Why? I hate pumpkin. They should make it optional, like chilli sauce in your carrot cake.

We finished every bit of it despite being really full :P The service was excellent and the ambience was lovely, especially since there aren’t too many people right now. Ironed table linen, cloth napkins, a quiet spot, great lighting (for the dinner service) – a food photographer’s dream.

They also do a lot of soups that we didn’t get to try this time around. I wouldn’t say this place is v. pricey but it’s not “cheap” either. They do lunch sets that I assume lots of people in the area take advantage of.


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