Dinner at Grand Pavillion, Esplanade

We had dinner here right before one of the SSO concerts, I believe it was the last one we had tickets to this season, that was supposed to be Charles Dutoit but changed at the last minute to an even better pianist :P

This place replaces My Humble House, and while the name is the polar opposite of my humble house, the menu seems pretty similar to the old one – was it just rebranded? They changed the silverware and the crockery though so I don’t think it’s just a rebranding. Still, the food is pretty awesome (perhaps the chefs and waitstaff are the same?) It also no longer seems affiliated to the Tung Lok group, although I could be wrong.

I had the XO fried carrot cake, which comes with huge prawns and scallops and lots of XO sauce. Perfect. Such a great upscaled version! Perhaps more cai po and fish sauce could have been in order.

LZ ordered the bak kut teh (at my request).

It was a set, so it came with all the fixings, like bok choy and you tiao and whatnot.

The soup itself was more herbal than peppery (as you can deduce from the color) but very good all the same. The pork wasn’t that tender I think, but I usually eat bak kut teh for the soup and the you tiao and not so much pork ribs. They do serve a lot of other double boiled soups so I think they should be rather good at soups. I believe it’s marketed as a Cantonese restaurant.

Needed something sweet but none of the desserts appealed to me except for this. I think the one at Paradise Dynasty is better since the skin is thinner and there’s more filling. Wish they served this in smaller portions! It’s always hard for just 2 people to finish this.

Apologies for the photo quality, these were taken with my ipad cause we didn’t think we were going to document our meal that day. Plus they make you keep your DSLR in a locker if you go to a concert in the concert hall :x and there’s always a long queue to retrieve crap from lockers after a concert.


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