Lunch at Park, Holland Village

Went back here for lunch last week because I was craving something american/western/breakfasty. Actually I think i was just craving spam chips :P The last ones I had was in Cornerstone, which were bad.

We tried the mentaiko pasta with poached egg this time, and it was pretty awesome! Creamy mentaiko sauce, bouncy prawns, and the poached egg blended into the pasta perfectly.

This was the tomato pesto salad and mashed potatoes that came with the Philly steak sandwich. The mashed potatoes here are like from a powdered mix, no point ordering those I think!

The steak sandwich itself was pretty meh. I actually prefer the sandwiches at Marco Marco much more. There wasn’t nearly enough cheese, the roast beef was tough, and it certainly has nothing on the philly cheese steaks we have in the US which uses cheese whiz and has loads of sauteed onions with wok hei (or in their case, grill hei). The sauteed onions in this one didn’t cut it, and the amount of cheese melted onto the meat was so minuscule I almost didn’t notice it was there.

The spam chips were over fried this time as well (super brown), we almost got sick eating them. Still very crispy and salty though – I think they make perfect funeral food! Totally munchable. I told LZ that at my funeral I would like him to hire a nice chef that will have a spam chip fry bar with various condiments and perhaps a beer cooler. No pics of the chips cause they were already in my previous Park post, and these were taken with the ipad.


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