Lunch at Gan Yakitori, Star Vista

I believe this place only opened recently on the top floor of Star Vista, taking over the previous restaurant which may have been a Moroccan or Spanish place. They have several lunch sets that I think range from $10 – $15. Includes egg drop soup and a small salad but no drink.

Here’s the pasta salad they served with my yakitori bento.

And the yakitori bento set: liver, chicken, chicken butt(?), quail eggs. Very nice, lots of char grilled flavour. The sauce isn’t very thick. I wasn’t a big fan of the minced chicken skewer cause there were bits of tendon inside.

LZ’s buta don- yakiniku pork with raw egg yolk. Reminds me of RamenPlay’s stone pot rice (although that’s better because the rice grains cook in the sauce in the stone pot). This was not bad either! Very flavourful, but the sauce was a little sweet.

They served dashimaki tamago for $4 or something, so of course I ordered it. This is not dashimaki tamago, it’s just a regular omelette. It’s soft, and its rolled up just like a regular dashimaki tamago, but it’s not sweet and doesn’t have the same bite. Also, it smells of/tastes of chlorine and I suspect it was cooked in some kind of silicon sleeve (see the ridges produced?)

OJ for $2 in addition to the set menu.

Overall, not bad. I wouldn’t order the tamago again of course. I guess it’s a good place for a simple lunch although it’s not particularly mindblowing. Think they should serve the rice with some pickles!


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