Dinner at Platypus, NUS Science Canteen

Mf brought us here for dinner on Friday evening after our tennis date got cancelled due to the rain. We were surprised it was open at night considering 1) It’s the school holidays, 2) It’s a friday night and whatever remaning staff are unlikely to be left on campus.

This place seems to serve dining hall style food, at least, the huge food troughs are pretty similar to what I used to eat in the Cornell dining hall, but with fewer options. The food tastes pretty good, but imo anything that comes from a trough automatically loses its appeal.

Basically you can order 3 different portion sizes – small, medium, or large. Each of the portions (I feel) are super large. Small is definitely more than enough for one person, but I suppose students are usually hungrier than adults from all their running around from class to class so they need larger portions. Of course if you are in a group of 2 or more it makes sense to share. The three of us shared one small plate and one medium plate.

We got the smoked duck breast and shiitake chicken for the small plate (you get to choose one “premium” meat and one regular meat/carb). They fill the bottom of the dish with veggies and pasta, which I think is really nice. You get to choose which dressing you want – I got the Sicilian orange and the Tokyo sesame for the other plate.

One of their carbs is potatoes in parmesan sauce which I quite liked although I think it would have been better with boiled eggs. The parmesan taste is also barely discernible, I think the yellow is more from mustard than anything else.

And I got a double portion of the miso salmon for the medium bowl cause it looked the healthiest (least sauce, least cream, etc.)

I really liked the food actually and will definitely be coming back here for lunch. I think the prices here are also much lower than the prices in their off campus outlets.

We had desserts after the meal cause their cakes look really nice. This is a chocolate fantasy cake with torched marshmallows and chocolate fudge. They actually use a blow torch to crisp up the marshmallows for you.

I liked their matcha latte a lot, it’s not too sweet and pretty similar to the one in Miam Miam.

I also got a trio of rose, green tea, and chocolate macarons. I think they’re $2 each. The rose one was nice, the other two were quite average and perhaps too sweet.


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