Lunch at Teochew City Seafood Restaurant, Centrepoint

The first father’s day meal was celebrated here after church on Sunday. The first time I discovered this place was while looking for yam flavoured Teochew mooncakes (the delicious flaky sort) and this was one of the few places in Singapore that specialized in them. They sold all their mooncakes with salted egg yolk though which I don’t like.

Anyway, this place does really good cold crabs! And they have dimsum lunch on weekends.

We tried their XLB – not bad but the skin is a little thick.

The chee cheong fun was alright – the offer it filled with charsiew, scallops, or prawns. No zha leong though.

And the star of the meal: the cold crab. These are really large crabs for cold crab (650g a piece) and had very sweet flesh and lots of milt. One of the best in Singapore I’ve had so far.

My mum ordered the noodle wrapped prawns which were great with their chilli sauce.

For veg I ordered a dish of asparagus and red pepper fried in XO sauce – very good. This was getting to be a bit too much for the 6 of us though.

We also had their panfried pomfret in special sauce (I think a plum/honey glaze) – this is delicious, we always get it. It’s nice that they filet the pomfret for you too. It’s not over done at all.

Of course since we were at a Teochew restaurant we had to try the hae chor – which they make using both prawn and crab and is very good.

The carb we ended off with was the eefu mee with golden chives- we packed most of this back! Quite standard I think, better to try their Teochew mee pok or the Teochew char kway teow.

My dad had the tau suan with water chestnut – an interesting take but I don’t like water chestnut.

And of course I had the orh nee – it’s coated with a thick layer of what seemes to be syrup – not lard or coconut milk. The texture is quite good and you can order it with gingko nuts or with pumpkin puree. I’m really going to miss this dessert when I move over! However LZ’s mum just told me that Jumbo is setting up an outlet in Seattle!!! Awesome beans.


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