Nana’s Green Tea Cafe, Plaza Singapura

This is a post on the many photogenic angles of a matcha gateaux parfait:

[close up of the whipped cream and matcha syrup]

I really love this place! The green tea ice cream is so rich and any place that put cornflakes in their parfaits/sundaes has Got It Right.

The lovely dense matcha gateaux – they were out of matcha nama chocolate, but their cake is really quite good too. Perhaps the nama chocolate might be a little overkill.

[a half body shot of the parfait]

[the full body shot with the soft serve ice cream, corn flakes, and matcha jelly]
Actually the bottom layer is my least favourite. It’s probably the healthiest too, as explained in their menu. The jelly is made from some sort of naturally occurring product, like seaweed or something :S

Somehow to “balance” the matcha parfait I decided to get an azuki latte haha. Of course everything was far too milky/creamy for my tastes. The azuki latte was interesting! Not sure if cow’s milk goes with azuki though, probably coconut milk might be better, but I’ve never tried. Wanted to get an azuki ice-blended or soft serve drink but they all looked too decadent and we were having dinner with some family friends at Old Hong Kong after.


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