Lunch at Sanpoutei, Holland Village

This place is a revamp of its previous tenant, Ramenplay. The business is still owned by Ramenplay, although the menu is markedly different and it’s now called Sanpoutei which of course sounds miles better than Ramenplay. Sanpoutei is also a ramen flavour in Ramenplay stores, probably the best selling one.

The first thing that caught my eye was not the ramen but the spring chicken:

Fried spring chicken with yuzu radish dressing [$7.80]

It was really good! Most of the fats had rendered, the crust was crispy and well seasoned without being too thick, and fried chicken and yuzu is an award winning combination. My only complaint is that the portion seems a little small for the price. We ordered it with the butariki don as a “main” of sorts, since otherwise all they had was ramen, but it should really be considered an appetizer.

Here’s the grilled chashu in the ramen we ordered.

Miso ramen with strange vegetables – usually ramen comes with bamboo shoots or beansprouts and wood ear mushrooms. This one had very chinese bok choy and other leafy greens like napa cabbage. Ok. The ramen broth was a little thick and I’m not really used to this sort of sweet miso broth for ramen but it wasn’t bad. The noodles were also springy and eggy.

Butariki don [$4]

This is like the smaller scale version of Ramenplay’s stone pot butariki, without the crispy caramelized bits. Still, at $4, this is a steal. The thinly sliced pork and onions were well done stir fried in a light and sweet-savory sauce without the cloyingness of teriyaki.


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