Lunch at the University Club, NUS Alumni House

Back at our favourite lunch place for miles around. This time I brought my scholarship sponsors here for lunch after becoming a million dollar liability :S Only fitting that they get a free meal out of it!

I started with the grilled romaine lettuce with spicy caesar dressing and anchovies – love their caesar dressing and caesar salads in general. The anchovy taste is just right.

LZ had the seared salmon, no idea how it was.

The grilled hanger steak with red onion jam was tender and delicious. I like my cuts lean and this was just that, without any of the toughness. The fats rendered perfectly, almost like veal cheek.

XY had the seared wild snapper with corn risotto, looks like a pretty small portion. I’m not sure what fish are in season right now but this was pretty good.

And I had the laksa linguine, which was awesome. Creamy with a very deep laksa taste with a paste made from laksa leaves – in fact even more potent than the typical soup based Katong laksa whose taste is diluted with coconut milk. Different, but still very good. I really really like their fusion pastas. Their salted egg yolk pasta is really nice too.

For dessert XY had the strawberry yoghurt mousse covered with strawberry gelee which was a little meh I thought.

LZ had the red date puff – they’re doing a lot of date themed desserts. Now on the menu is sticky date pudding.

I had the weekly special which was the tiramisu. Jolly good. My brother had the salted nut tart which was a mix of cashews, almonds, and walnuts in a salted caramelly toffee sauce.

Wish they would bring back more chocolate desserts! But regardless of what’s on the menu, this place never fails to please.


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