Father’s Day Dinner at Follia, Clover Way, Marymount

Reserve on Chope here! You can find their menu here too.

We brought his father here for Father’s day just to try the place out since it’s so near to their house. The specials of the day were these NZ clams and the burrata, which were so amazing.

Pot of clams simmered in white wine, garlic, and parsley – basically as good a moules mariniere as you’ll get, with a deeper, more wine-y sauce and fresher clams than we had in Paris.

The burrata with tomatoes, basil, and EVOO was good, although I like mine with a little balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper. Probably good to order some house bread or ciccio with this if they have it. Super creamy and rich.

As usual, we ordered the pancetta and taleggio pan-fried potato pies, which are crowd pleasers

We saw pictures of this on their facebook page so had to try it – the osso buco on saffron risotto was really, really good. The meat is basically fall-off-the-bone and the creamy saffron risotto is a perfect accompaniment to the hearty stew like flavour of the osso buco.

Hmm the other two pasta dishes were a little underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, the home made pasta noodles themselves have a great texture and bite, but I didn’t really like the mussels in here

and the carbonara sauce didn’t have quite enough egg yolk. They serve it with fresh grana padano though, which is a nice touch. And this place is awesome in that they are very receptive to feedback – in fact they have changed their tiramisu recipe after the last time I went and I have yet to try the new improved version. After all tiramisu is tiramisu is tiramisu – this time we had a slightly more adventurous dessert.

The panna cotta – as good as ever

We tried the Sebadas – a Sardinian pecorino puff deep fried and drizzled with honey – this was really amazing! I think it’s described as pastry filled with pecorino cheese which can sound really filling after a hearty Italian meal but the portion size is perfect and it’s a great conclusion to the meal, especially if you like savoury desserts.

Of course we had the white chocolate orange fondant. I recently found that the Artisan Boulangerie Company also carries an orange cream lava cake but with a chocolate sponge outer ring. Can’t wait to try that too.

His parents were quite happy with everything here! Do try the San Pellegrino chinotto-ade if you get a chance. It’s an odd brown citrus fruit with a sarsaparilla after taste. Just for curiosity’s sake.


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Dinner at Follia, Clover Way, Marymount

  1. Nice review! Possible to share what’s the prices like? As they are so new, cant find much reviews from the net and their website/Facebook. Thanks!

    1. Thanks!
      The pastas range from something like $7 – $20, the meat main courses are slightly more expensive, I think $20-$30, they also have salads and pizzas (maybe around $15?) and risotto ($15-25). The desserts are about $8-14 I think. All in all, quite decently priced.

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