Lunch at the Fat Cat, Holland Village

Yet another hip new-ish eatery in Holland Village, as if there was a dearth of those. Fat Cat relocates from Jalan Riang to Lor Liput and continues to serve up the same excellent fare.

I usually order from the Indian or Thai menu here, probably cause it’s rare to not have to travel to Little India to get some great South Indian food. While not totally authentic, it’s pretty amazing for what it is.

We ordered the fried chicken wings (Indian menu) to start – they are wonderfully spiced in a different way from Malay fried chicken, and served with a wedge of lemon which draws some parallels from Chinese BBQ-ed chicken. So good.

The pineapple fried rice is a bit on the average side, I prefer it with a more pineapple-y taste. They serve it with golden raisins, chinese sausage, pork floss, pineapple chunks, but doesn’t have too much wok hei.

We tried the butter prawn masala, which featured a thick spicy gravy that we polished off with a basket of garlic naan.

The naan doesn’t come with the butter chicken or the butter prawn masala – you have to order it separately (weird to serve it without, but this is quite typical of lots of restaurants in Little India) but they have cheese naan, garlic naan, and onion naan for you to choose from. All are pretty decent.

But the best part of the meal for me was the fried chicken wings – so different from other normal varieties of chicken wings we have here, I can’t believe I’m only discovering this now. I really want to try their onion bhaji one day but it’s difficult to try everything on the menu when the only person’s company we can stand for any protracted amount of time is each other’s.


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