Lunch at Mu Parlour, Holland Village

This place is on the second level of one of the shophouses in Holland Village, not really visible among all the 1st level restaurants. They have a chalkboard sign at the foot of the stairs leading up to it though advertising gourmet burgers and bespoke cocktails, so we decided to give it a whirl before we left for the US.

One of the things they do is all day breakfasts – full English breakfasts, eggs Benedict, etc. I had the Mu waffles – with bacon, roasted tomatoes, and veal sausage. The waffle itself was a little cakey compared to Belgian waffles, but the veal sausage was very good. They served it with one slice of bacon which seems a little stingy, but there’s a lot of meat on this plate as it is. I asked for maple syrup for the waffle – it doesn’t come with.

LZ had the burger with Monterey Jack, Bacon, and spicy chili aioli – which is actually really spicy! The sauces are quite interesting – they have several “preset” combos of ingredients to kiap between two hamburger buns but you can always mix and match the cheese and the sauce. LZ really liked the ground beef used in the burger as well.

The burger came with garlic fries, which came with golden fried garlic bits that you usually see in Chinese cooking but not normally with fries. Very nice touch.

The place has got really quaint furnishings, lots of whitewashed wrought iron chairs, as if you are sitting in a park without any grass. It’s got a great view of Holland village too.

Biggest regret: Not having space to try the desserts, which look amazing.


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