Lunch at Ivin’s, Heartland Mall, Kovan

We wound up here after a failed attempt to get a seat at Lola’s Cafe – it was booked solid on Sunday and the waiting time for a seat at 11am was 1 hour. Gosh. Is the food that good?

In contrast, there was no queue at Ivin’s, which is a peranakan restaurant on the 3rd level of Heartland mall which is perfectly respectable. And you can just walk in.

We tried the Beef Rendang – very tender cuts of lean-ish beef in a spicy coconut curry. It was very good (by my standards, I’m certainly not an expert on Peranakan food) – I think other people prefer their beef to be fattier.

Their Fuyong egg has got lots of wok hei, fresh prawns, lettuce, onions, and carrots. I have no idea what they add to it to make it so fragrant but I certainly can’t fry this myself at home.

I liked the duck and salted cabbage soup (or Itek Tim), it is something I first tried at Candlenut and I like theirs better but this wasn’t bad either – I mean how difficult can it be? It’s essentially giam chye tng.

We also tried the char kway teow, Peranakan style, which means it’s not the saucy, “black” color char kway teow you find in hawker centers, but the lighter colored one with seafood and bean sprouts and lots of wok hei, served with lime. It was average I guess.

All in all, one of the better options for lunch in the area if you don’t want to sweat it out in the hawker center.


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