Dinner at Toast Box (Junction 8)

There are many things I love from ToastBox, the breakfast joint run by Breadtalk. Of course there are their half boiled eggs, which are runny (although I think the whites could be a tad firmer), the laksa, the iced horlicks, and the floss toast with condensed milk mayonnaise.

Omg. The toast is perfectly buttered and then cut into these bite sized cubes and topped with pork floss! I only discovered this after sending G off at the airport the other day

We also went here for dinner after we got tired of everything else in J8 and LZ ordered the mee siam. This is pretty nice too, plenty of sour (assam?) and tau kwa and beansprouts. The nasi lemak was more underwhelming, the egg and the chicken being refried and rather oily, although the chicken wing seasoning is not bad. I still prefer their laksa here best and also the toast. They use mee tai mak (mouse tails) for the laksa noodle thought instead of the regular thin-spaghetti shaped rice noodles.

A great place for supper after sending someone off at the airport! And also for breakfast after church ;)


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