Lunch at Crystal Jade (Holland Village)

We come here for lunch all the time, especially on weekday afternoons when they give us a little cove on the second floor perfect for quiet conversations.

One of our usual orders is the sauteed beef with mushrooms and capsicum. They’ve had this dish on the menu for ages and ages and it is really good. I have no idea how to make it myself, it’s clear they don’t just use oyster sauce in the seasoning even though on the menu it says “beef sauteed in oyster sauce”! The beef is also tender, like it’s been velveted.

This was the first time I tried their la mian in spring onion oil and I really liked it! The name of the dish sounds really iffy (sorta like din tai fung’s gan ban mian – noodle in special sauce) but is actually really good and has quite a lot of depth of flavour.

Another of our favourite dishes is the braised tofu with pork floss. The tofu isn’t really braised as much as served cold in a pool of a sweet and savoury soy sauce. The tofu itself is really silky and will disintegrate with the slightest impact, so be careful when handling it. It’s even softer than dao hui I think.

Other great things I usually order: the XO fried rice, the fried rice with conpoy, the shanghai rice noodles, the chicken with macadamia nut, the furongxiedan, and the fu pi juan (fried beancurd skin roll.. quite oily but soo good). The xiaolongbaos themselves are quite lacklustre compared to the paradise dynasty ones though.


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