Dinner at Basilico, The Regent (Orchard)

We came here after one of our appointments with the wedding coordinator at the Regent just to see what the food was like. It turns out that most people go for the appetizer buffet, which is a humongous spread of salads, cheeses, antipasti, cured meats, desserts etc. and is also much cheaper for lunch. We weren’t that hungry so we opted for the a la carte menu.

The started us off with some grissini and olive tapenade.

This was actually quite good, even though I don’t like olives. Would have preferred a pesto dip though.

It turned out that the main I fancied the most was the one on the “buffet” menu, but they accommodated my request to order it as an a la carte dish – seared scallops with tomatoes on the vine, parmesan crisps, and melon balls. Everything went beautifully together, especially the scallops and the sheets of baked parmesan. So good.

LZ had the lobster risotto with saffron which was very sweet and had a strong saffron aroma. While it’s not really creamy the rice grains were al dente and the lobster flavour was pretty concentrated. There were generous chunks of lobster and prawns in here too.

We didn’t know what to get on the dessert menu, but eventually settled on this chocolate cake with berries, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream. It was alright but not mindblowing or anything.

Not a bad place for dinner although it’s a tad inaccessible.


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