Lunch at Peach Garden, The Metropolis, Buona Vista

We brought Lm and J here to celebrate Lm’s birthday one day – one of the newest openings at the Metropolis that has been really popular – I think you can’t get an indoor seat for lunch without a reservation.

We started with an order of half a peking duck, which they served with scallions and hoisin sauce.

They skinned the half for us and wrapped the peking duck skin in crepe squares

The remainder of the duck meat was fried into san choy pau, which were really tasty!

Then came our dim sum orders – everything is in baskets of 3, so it’s best to come in a trio:

Beancurd skin roll with seaweed

Siew mai – not bad, quite standard

Tricolored har gao – interesting but no real variations in taste I think.

We also ordered the claypot beancurd with pork belly and leeks for the veggie dish (which actually has more protein than veggies haha) – this was awesome, everyone who loves pork belly loved the pork belly here

And for the carb we had claypot eefu noodles with eggplant and straw mushrooms. Lm and I removed all our eggplant pieces and gave them to our other halves haha. Eggplant haters unite! The eefu noodles were good too but perhaps a tad similar to the claypot tofu dish.

We ended off with pulut hitam in young coconut, which is my favourite dessert by far here. They normally serve it with grass jelly but I told them to skip the grass jelly :P Technically I don’t eat the coconut either but usually other people in my party like coconut.


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