Dinner at Habitat Coffee, Thomson Road

After struggling to get a spot for saturday brunch here for ages (it’s like really trendy amongst teenagers and 20 somethings), we finally came here for dinner one day.

The iced chocolate was pretty good!

Everyone raves about their truffle fries, so of course we had to try it. It was alright I guess, about on par with the one at addictions, but no better than the one at Cafe Etc. So no idea why there’s so much hype about it. Don’t people know the strong taste in nearly all truffle oils are from artificial flavourings rather than infused truffle slices? I like the artificial truffle flavouring though! Haha. Just wish they didn’t overprice it.

We had the ocean linguine which was aglio olio style with prawns and mussels with lots of wok hei. Nice. But the prawns were obviously frozen. I gather if you are eating here you should not mind this kind of thing. After all they are a cafe, not like a full blown Italian restaurant.

We also had the tuna melt with sundried tomato bread that was really nice! Not many places do melts in Singapore, much less a decent melt. Of course this is not as legit as the typical american melt where they griddle the generously buttered bread (usually sliced white or texas toast) on a grill and then stuff the sliced cheese inbetween, but I guess they are trying to achieve a more artisanal flavour by using sundried tomato bread. I don’t like sundried tomatoes haha but LZ loved it. The raisins in the tuna salad worked too.

I was in a “let’s try more interesting desserts instead of defaulting to the chocolate one” phase (as you will see in the subsequent antoinette post) so we had a strawberry flan. Not too bad, but the shortcrust pastry was decidedly undelicate. If you’ve watched About a Boy, it’s got the sort of texture that Marcus could have hurled it at the ducks in the pond and killed one.

and the lava cake with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Okay yes, this is still chocolate, but I could have gotten this and the tiramisu with cocoa powder, or their chocolate truffle cake!

Let’s look at that lava cake again. zomg. This was actually a decent lava cake, slightly flatter than I’m used to but the pastry is tender and the inside is completely liquid and perfect.

I’m not a big fan of their crockery. All mismatched and quaint, like the kind of mismatched crockery you find in most people’s homes because their dinnerware hailed from different wedding presents and the design-challenged recipients were somehow ok with that. Just a note for people looking to purchase wedding gifts for me next year, please don’t buy anything kitchen-related unless I register for gifts! The odds are pretty high that I will not appreciate your taste.


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