Lunch at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery

After ogling at their dessert counter for two years I finally found a convenient time to come here for lunch. The lunch food is not bad, but I think the main draw for this place is still its desserts. The aircon is also wickedly cold, so don’t come in a T-shirt and shorts like I did.

We started with the country mushroom soup, not bad but nothing spectacular. For the record my favourite mushrooms soup is still at Enoteca L’Operetta at Clarke Quay.

I ordered the crab suzette – a clever pun on the crepe suzette, which you can actually order in the same building at Lawry’s. We wanted to prank the waiter but telling him that the pasta that arrived was nothing like a crepe suzette. Whenever the chef is frying up a pasta dish the wok smell wafts all over the dining room and is just divine. I was very happy knowing that that smell was going to end up on my plate. So the crab linguine has lots of wok hei and tastes really nice although I feel like the crab is not that fresh (probably from lump crabmeat)

LZ ordered the scrambled egg gratin which was pretty nice but also the sort of simple dish you can potentially prepare yourself at home equipped with gratin dishes. I bought my terra cotta colored gratin dishes earlier this year ($6.20 each on sale at Franc Franc before they closed :( ) and had a go making this myself. The key is to use shaved ham (most cuts of ham in Cold Storage/Culina are too thick) and also some thought needs to be put into the tomato fondue the scrambled eggs are soaking in – I cracked open a can of tomato sauce (NOT ketchup) but it wasn’t as optimal. Perhaps some of the mushrooms/ham need to stew in the tomato sauce it give it more flavour? But it did the job of finishing the gruyere cheese I bought two weeks ago for my mushroom and cheese crepes.

Their hot chocolate is very rich, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this WITH chocolate desserts. Almost like the one in Angelina without the same freshness of cream.

Their angelique cake is a white chocolate mousse with raspberry preserves and vanilla sponge inside topped with a violet flavoured marshmallow. I couldn’t taste the violet very well but look how pretty:

Angelique cake, cross section

We also got an Opera l’amour, which is basically an opera cake flavoured with ispahan (rose/lychee) flavours. They do 4 different kinds of opera cakes there – matcha, l’amour, coffee, and chocolate. All look really good but we only had space for one. This was pretty good, but the part I liked best were the rose meringues, which were scrumptious. You can also order it in sundae form if I’m not wrong.


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