Lunch at Pietrasanta (with the sureties)

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We brought LZ’s dad and aunt here as part of our second sureties’ lunch (The first was at the university club with my brother and XY) to thank them for putting their assets on the line as a vote of confidence that we’d return after our PhDs haha.

We started with the burrata special as usual. This is perfect for 4 people, but it fills you up! the waiter divided it into 4 plates for us. Their cherry tomatoes are actually from Italy and not like Genting (there is a big difference!)

We also had the Diavola pizza, which seems not so interesting now that we’ve had better pizzas. We had problems finishing this.

Scampi linguine special – pretty nice, the tomato sauce infused with scampi stock. It was somewhat difficult to pry the scampi meat from the shell though. And this was the most expensive dish!

LZ’s dad got the lamb shank special, which was huge hunk of perfectly tender, fall-off-the-bone lamb on a bed of mashed potatoes.

Squid ink ravioli filled with prawn meat in a lemon sauce – my standard order. Also good because it’s quite a small portion which gives you room for the burrata starter

We ended with a tiramisu and panna cotta. It was a humongous meal! After lunch we took a short stroll to Colbar to check out the old colonial hainanese coffee shop (now closed). Everything in that area is so ancient and quiet.

I think Pietrasanta is one of those places who really bother to source for good ingredients, and you can actually taste the quality of their sourcing. I don’t mind paying the price differential for good ingredients! The other place I know that does a good job with this is Pepenero. Their San Marzano tomato sauce pastas are something else! The next time I come here I want to try their osso buco.


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