Dinner at B@Rochester

So we returned here after having nowhere to go one weekday evening, and I think we were celebrating something. My bonus perhaps! The last time we were here was probably last year and somehow we managed to order exactly the same thing. I guess our tastes don’t change.

The yaki gyoza are behemoths of gyozas, too big to pop into your mouth, and very juicy. I liked them, but the skin isn’t ideal – I like the osaka osho gyoza skin much better. And also slightly smaller gyozas.

We also ordered the hotate with mentai and emmental but it was slightly more disappointing than the first time we had it. I’m not sure where their scallops are from but they are not fresh and the scallop flavour is not very strong – probably frozen from china? The opposite of this scallops would be the scallops at the Naked Fin.

The saikyo miso cod was still as good as ever, with extremely flakey, buttery, black cod covered in some sweet white miso paste and served with fried spring onions and other greens. Definitely order this.

The grilled squid and yakitori were good – they take awhile to prepare this though, possibly because they need to fire up the grill and stuff. But the results are so worth it! I liked the yakitori better than the squid though.

And we ended off with the garlic chahan. This has good wok hei but still wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it. The golden garlic flakes on top for example weren’t really very crispy. The best chahan I’ve had so far is still at Fukuichi I think. I wish they would open an outlet nearer to me.


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