Lunch at Brotzeit, Star Vista

We finally made it here for lunch after poking around all the other restaurants in Star Vista and deciding that we had gotten tired of all of them (ha! Talk about being spoilt), They do do lunch sets, I think priced at $18.90 which come with a starter and a drink.

We got the lachs tartare starter, which was a REALLY nice smoked salmon/poached salmon salad atop a Japanese cucumber slice atop some bread. The fish spread was amazing.

And of course Currywurst! Which somehow cannot be found elsewhere. I don’t really know why it’s so expensive here when it’s basically street food in Germany. surely I can buy the sausage and sorta recreate this at home by myself?

The main we got as part of the lunch set was pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce – not too bad, but veal schnitzel is obviously better. We’ll probably be back for the goulash set with spaetzel.

I quite like the execution here and the view, but the food has too little veggies in general, which I guess is a German thing.


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