Dinner at La Petite Cuisine, Serene Centre

We finally got to try La Petite Cuisine at Serene Center one day upon discovering that Wild Relish in Cluny Court had closed! This is an unassuming little bistro in one corner of Serene Center that serves simple French food with no GST! The people running the place look a little fierce though.

We started with the potato and leek soup which was thoroughly meh. I wouldn’t order the soups here if I were you.

I then had a crabmeat rigatoni in a tomato cream sauce, which was well and good except that they had sprinkled this fake parmesan cheese powder all over the top and it smelt really bad. LZ ate all of that :P The tomato cream sauce and crabmeat itself was actually quite good!

We also tried the cheapest duck confit with potato gratin ever. The gratinated potatoes were more like scalloped potatoes in a cheesy/cream sauce, not that I’m complaining, and the duck was pretty well done although the one at the French Ladle was better. Another place with decent affordable duck confit is L’Entrecote at Suntec City.

We chose an opera cake for dessert and decided it was totally not worth the calories. For greater satisfaction, just walk back to Da Paolo in Cluny Court, or even Cupcake Engineer, although Cupcake Engineer is a little pricey. I like their bandung cupcake a lot, and their dark chocolate cupcake even more!


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