Lunch at Ricciotti, Star Vista

I was craving some decent pasta since it’s been quite a while since we returned from Italy, and so we went to Ricciotti where I had good memories of their bolognese sauce and also their linguine al granchio. They have one for one pastas/pizzas, which one may think means you can get one pizza and one pasta and one of them will be free, but no, you have to get either two pizzas or two pastas to enjoy the one for one promotion. Lame. Obviously La Nonna’s one-for-one promotion is Doing It Right.

We had the spaghetti carbonara here, which was better than Follia’s but still too much cream and too little egg, and in fact a teeny smidge powdery to the mix. There was also waay too much of it, I even prefer Spaghetti Goemon’s carbonara, which has really nice chunks of bacon.

LZ ordered the Spinach linguine with beef meatballs (polpetta) in a tomato sauce. The meatballs were really nice! And the spinach linguine had a great bite to it different from ordinary durum wheat pastas.

We had a lemon meringue pie for dessert – it tasted rather unfresh but also is one of the cheapest things on the dessert menu so we weren’t expecting a whole lot. They should torch the meringue right before serving. The shortcrust pastry is also a little stiff.

Cross section of the lemon meringue pie

To get the most bang for your buck here, I think one should come on Wednesdays, where you get $10 off your second pasta or pizza and can order whatever pasta you want instead of the options they put on the one-for-one menu which honestly aren’t that interesting.


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