Dinner at Cali Cafe, Rochester Park Mall (Groupon deal)

We came here for dinner because one of our good friends who’s really into Groupon deals bought like TEN groupons from this restaurant. Why? Because they advertised their “Four-course meal” as being worth something like $50+ dollars. Guess what’s in the four courses!
1) A garden salad or soup (from-a-can)
2) a main course,
3) a scoop of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla),
4) and free flow coffee/tea (those on warmer pads like in McDonalds?).

And you’d think the mains would be mind-blowing or something but they were simple dishes like those you find in Hans. In other words, definitely not worth $50+. I think that’s irresponsible marketing. But you can see what we ordered first:

The garden salad they served Mf. Honestly it wasn’t too bad.

Fried frozen chicken drumlets – they serve these to everyone. You can buy them frozen in NTUC and bake them/fry them yourself! The breading is rather nice but I don’t like the layer of fat between the breading and the meat.

We had the chicken spaghetti in a cream sauce, which was super oily and had suspect chicken parts.

The remnants of the chicken spaghetti – look at that pool of oil!

We also had the fish and chips, which you would think was un-screwuppable but they managed to do it! The fish was really quite bad, I’m not sure where they sourced it from but it was even a little mushy and rather inedible.

The grilled chicken thigh wasn’t so bad because they at least managed to add some nice charred bits to the chicken which was remniscient of a good outdoor barbeque.

Chocolate ice cream.

According to them, this meal is worth $150+. I wouldn’t even pay half of that for it. So I’m rather disgruntled at them for cheating all these well-meaning, bargain-hunting singaporeans into thinking they are getting some sort of fabulous four-course feast, when in actuality it’s the kind of sad add-a-soup-and-a-drink-for-$5-more-only! sort of four-course meal. In general I never purchase groupon deals like that (nor am I all that much into groupons in the first place) but this deal was really unscrupulous. Gah. I feel like getting their name out there because of groupons will win them waaay more anti-fans than fans because of the groupon menu, which sucked. Talk about myopic business planning.


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