Lunch at Michelangelo

After trying most of the lunch specials at all the restaurants on the Chip Bee stretch, we decided to give this one a go. Italian food is plentiful on the MRT side of Holland V, so there was never really much point coming here and paying the (relatively more) exorbitant prices here. They have pretty good lunch deals though I would probably never come here for dinner.

Beautiful rustic brick-y interior. Apparently they do pizzas but I didn’t see it on the menu.

I loved the caesar salad, although there weren’t any anchovies in it there was a strong anchovy taste which was delightful. The parmesan was also really good.

LZ opted for the prosciutto with melon. I thought the parma ham was a teeny bit unfresh but it went nicely with the sweet rock melon

The crabmeat penne alla vodka was plenty crabby (to the point of being a bit fishy), not bad, but I prefer the linguine al granchio at Ricciotti. The tomato sauce does cut through the cream a little bit and I liked this dish better than…

the asparagus and pancetta spaghetti in a white wine cream sauce. Couldn’t taste the white wine at all although it was quite nice, the portion was too large and was quite gelat after a few mouthfuls. The desserts were more promising though, and I liked both

the panna cotta with berries and vanilla bean – lots of vanilla seeds as you can see and it was silky smooth with just enough bite

And the huge profiterole doused in some kind of chocolate sauce (not fudge!) filled with ice cream (not custard!). Still love the profiteroles from Sainsbury better (especially in the winter, when the chocolate sauce is all liquory) but this was not bad. The panna cotta was better though.

Think it was about $80 in total for the both of us including GST and service for the lunch service. Not really worth it, imo, in the sense that I may not come back, but I really did like the salads at the start. Italian food and Italian restaurants are getting far too widespread here for people to charge this much for not even that authentic food.


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