Wedding Dinner Tasting at the Summer Palace

This post is to assist those who are planning to hold their wedding dinner/banquet at the Regent Hotel

Cold dish- we opted for the smoked duck, crispy baby squid, lobster salad, chicken money bag, and spring roll. Everything was really nice! Probably not going for the smoked duck though and replacing that with jelly fish. The crispy baby squid were really quite good. My mum thought the lobster salad had not enough lobster but that’s not exactly the kind of thing I can demand them to change.

Eight treasure soup.. meh. Not a big fan. They always recommend this (the wedding planners anyway) cause it’s thick and has lots of ingredients but I thought it was pretty bland.

King prawns in Summer Palace sauce (sweet and sour) – Skip this. So much hassle deshelling them, better to go for a scallop dish in the same category. Also “summer palace special sauce” just means sweet and sour sauce, which is really rather underwhelming.

Bi Feng Tang roasted crispy chicken – this was really good! Not the normal roast crispy chicken, it comes scattered with fried shallots, hay bee, and slivered almonds. Would prefer it with keropok and that nice five spice salt but it was really well seasoned all the way through.

Braised baby abalone with broccoli – another meh dish. The baby abalone was good I suppose but the oyster sauce was rather underwhelming.

Cod fish baked in honey teriyaki sauce. I ordered this just for fun since it’s so off the beaten track, but it turned out being really good.

Close-up of the cod fish – we’re actually going to go with this instead of the typical HK style steamed soon hock, which I also love.

Deep fried spare ribs in red wine sauce that nobody liked. At this point everyone was stuffed to the brim. Anyway the dish itself wasn’t great. I think we’re going to do away with this dish altogether.

Deep fried mantou with chilli crab sauce… not at all like Singaporean chilli crab. We suspect it’s cause it’s a Cantonese chef. Well we told them to omit the bean paste that came in the sauce.

Passionfruit and chocolate mousse – really quite good. Not everyone likes passionfruit though. Should have tried the orh nee perhaps, but this was a bigger question mark. We’re going with the tiramisu for the final selection!

The best thing I liked about this Chinese restaurant was that they served the girls at the table first. We have come so far from our patriarchal heritage! I almost feel proud.


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