Brunch at Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Came here for brunch with yanshuo after applying for our visas at the US embassy. We’ve been to Wild Honey and have ordered and even liked their overpriced eggs benedict/benedict everything so we decided to try something different today!

I ordered the cubano (after watching Chef – where Jon Favreau basically made his living trekking across the united states selling cubanos in his little food truck). Needless to say the pork in this one was nowhere near as flavourful and was even overdone instead of tender (they didn’t use pork shoulder I bet) but it was still pretty good. We’ll hopefully get to try real cubanos soon once we’re on that side of the globe once again.

Yanshuo’s grilled salmon in hollandaise sauce over rosti (aka the Scandinavian breakfast) – the rosti was good, I didn’t really try the salmon, but if that’s what they have for breakfast, it’s pretty amazing. Do scandinavian parents wake up and cook such elaborate things for their kids?

LZ’s shakshouka (aka the Tunisian breakfast). Didn’t like it much! Too much bean/cumin in the sauce. I prefer my own tunisian baked eggs flavoured with more chorizo than cumin.

The Israeli salad that came with the shakshouka.

Well. It seems that if one visits Wild Honey one had best stick to their breakfasty items, overpriced as they may be. There are also a bunch of other lunch offerings in Scotts Square to check out.


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