Dinner at New Ubin Seafood Restaurant, Sin Ming

We brought Fabio and Mingsee here for dinner (Fabio’s treat, not sure why. Apparently this blog brought his restaurant some custom!) We ordered a heckuva lot of food and it was all amazing.

Kailan stir-fried in garlic with seaweed – Didn’t really get the seaweed but the kailan in garlic was very nice! Lots of chinese wine flavour and wok hei.

Omelette with onion – one of mingsee’s and my cravings but this was pretty underwhelming compared to everything else they do so well.

Their fried hokkien mee is really good. They use a really strong prawn stock to fry it up with baby squid and cubes of deep fried lard and pork – one of the best hokkien mee’s I’ve ever had – very sweet and deep seafood flavours in here.

One of the stars of the show that Fabio wanted to order: grilled angus steak with beef dripping fried rice and fries. SO GOOD. I didn’t expect it to be and I’m not really a beef person but they certainly do a really really awesome steak. The beef dripping fried rice is such a good idea to use up the beef fat that has rendered on the grill as well. This comes with a lot of carbs (which we weren’t really expecting) – the chips are really nicely fried too, so don’t load up too much on other carbs if you order this.

We tried the Ang Ka Hei in butter cream sauce and it was delightful. We also tried the cereal prawns two weeks later and I think the butter cream sauce is much better than their cereal rendition, where the cereal is not that crispy (though still nice). The butter cream sauce is like liquefied cereal, sweet and melds perfectly with the huge prawns.

The crispy baby squid were good but not mindblowing. The best baby squid I’ve had so far was at my dinner tasting at the Regent Hotel’s Summer Palace, where they are fried to a just right level of crispiness and are lightly glazed. Mind you there were just 4 of us polishing this entire thing off, so naturally the baby squid was a little sidelined.

Garlic baked crab – another show stopper. This is one of the best crab cooking styles they have, I think. The humongous cloves of garlic are soft and buttery and are great for sucking on with the crab meat, which even though they say is ‘baked’, doesn’t stick to the shell at all (I suspect they are steamed first? then baked? Not sure) – the crab flesh is really tender and fresh! They have a buy 2 get 1 free crab offer (each crab is $38) so it’s great if you’re here in a big group.

I really like the food here and it’s pretty value for money I think, given their amazing execution. It’s usually cool in the evening but there’s also an air-conditioned eating area for larger groups that one has to reserve in advance.


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