Lunch at Omakase Burger

We’ve been hearing a lot about this burger place in Turf City (also walked past it several times when we were dining at MAD) and I saw one outlet in Wisma Atria while shopping there the other day so decided to check it out! Verdict: The prices are a little steep for a burger joint but it DOES do one of the best burgers I’ve had in Singapore with a not-too thick patty (so you get more browned bits) and melts-just-right american cheese. But like, you could just go to New York and go to Shake Shack or go to In n Out. Or even Five Guys, Five Guys does a pretty decent burger. So yeah, in burger and cow-scarce Singapore, this is a real treat!

Had a bottle of cold home made Lemonade – actually I ordered lemon tea but I think the over-enthusiastic guy at the counter was a little hard of hearing.

We had their Cheeseburger with applewood smoked bacon – so good. I love thin beef patties, and also, burgers that actually fit in your mouth. The bun was soft and toasted just right, but there could have been a little more bacon I think!

Cheeseburger with sauteed onions and mushrooms – again, not enough mushrooms, but the burger itself was very good and very juicy. Every single component was perfect.

The guy at the counter was extremely eager for us to try their fries fried in beef tallow – nothing special I thought! Yes there is an additional beef flavour to the fries but it isn’t as obvious as truffle fries or some of the other fries there I wanted to try. When someone else’s order of truffle fries came the beautiful smell wafted right across the restaurant to our table and I immediately regretted ordering my beef tallow fries :P The chilli cheese fries sounded really good too!

Don’t really get what is so “omakase” about this – there’s no fixed menu at all! But I’m not one to begrudge obsessive Japanese people who manage to recreate other cuisines with such finesse especially when they set up shop in Singapore!


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