Lunch at Menya Musashi

Quick lunch at Star Vista: this time trying the tsukumen.

Tsukumen with chashu – I’m not a big fan of their cha shu, which is slightly charred and not very tender nor lean. The broth is also a tad too salty; the Raffles City branch does a better tsukumen I think.

Tsukumen from the healthier angle :P I must say their ajitsuke tamago is well done, and so are the braised bamboo shoots.

Tsukumen dipping broth – rather salty

LZ got the “Black” tonkotsu lunch set which is also quite salty but less so than the tsukumen broth – I liked it quite a bit. I think the black color comes from ground black sesame seeds. They also have a “red” ramen soup flavour that perhaps has something to do with chilli.

All in all – meh. Best place for ramen in the area is still Sanpoutei at Holland V.


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