Dessert at Honeymoon Desserts

Headed here to wait for Stephen Wiltshire while he was on his lunch break. :P We’d already eaten at Omakase Burger so only had room for dessert. It’s an affordable, no frills dessert place with quite a few options, but I don’t think their desserts are that well executed. I don’t really know many places with really good sesame paste and all that in Singapore though.

Black sesame paste with walnut paste – it was quite prettily marbled but there were bits of corn starch clumps in it which was sorta gross.

LZ got the Green tea ice cream with black glutinous rice over vanilla cream shavings. The vanilla cream and green tea ice cream was decent but the cold pulut hitam was bad, had weird chewy bits of rice, and was not very satisfying. So don’t order that as an add-on if you’re here!


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