Dim sum at No Signboard Seafood, Vivocity

We seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time in the south (in the harborfront area) after we stopped working despite living light years away from it. This time we were there to catch a Woody Allen movie (which wasn’t showing at the other GVs near our house – Magic in the Moonlight?). It was very funny even if not exactly plausible, which I guess is standard for his movies. And so we decided to bring his dad here for dim sum right before the movie.

We had the dragon beard dumplings (with wasabi mayo) – didn’t super like this. I thought the noodle/pastry layer was way too thick, which I suppose isn’t helped by the fact that I don’t take wasabi (so no wasabi mayo). Z really liked it though, so to each his own.

I did enjoy the braised mushrooms atop rice in abalone sauce, even though the abalone flavour is not really pronounced. The sauce is rather light tasting and the rice is quite sticky. This was larger than the picture in the menu, so good for 2 to share.

And then of course we had fried prawn dumplings with lemon mayonnaise, one of my favourite dim sum things to order even though it’s really not that different from the fried wonton in wonton noodles.

The char siew baos were really good, very well done filling that was not too sweet with large chunks of pork.

And the siew mai, standard.

The star of the show was the yam ring with seafood in XO sauce – rather different from the way most zhi char places do it in some viscous non-spicy seafood sauce with sugar snap peas and cashews. Their XO sauce was excellent and was full of umami, went great with the yam ring, which was also excellent. I would definitely order it again, even though it’s really quite filling. Look at those beautiful shredded dried scallops!


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