Dinner at Colbar, Portsdown Road

Yet another one of the “last suppers” with his dad before we flew off – this time right after he came by our offices to pick up stuff from our office to be brought home. I had 2 A4 boxes of random stationery, hole punches, notes, stuffed toys, and other cubicular detritus. I do kind of miss my cubicle in singapore, considering how cui3 my current desk is (which I never inhabit unless I have to). It’s literally a closet shared among 4 graduate students, and my table is so small and so nothingy that nobody had sat there for awhile and there was 1cm thick layer of dust on it :S

Anyway colbar stands for “colonial bar”, and it has been a british fixture in Singapore for years and years. Its nestled in the heart of all the old colonial houses and next two some of their soccer fields, and serves “British” fare served hawker style, like full English breakfasts, omelettes, bangers and chips, etc.

Here we are on the small footpath to colbar

old pictures of local british football teams. We found several of the rj humans teachers here! It was quite amazing, how people we’ve only known to be rather decrepit elderly and pot-bellied used to be so young and fit.

The colbar menu

I had bangers and chips. The chipolatas were quite nice but I guess a little pricey for what is essentially hawker fare. Their chips are quite legit though! Not that I was ever a fan of British chips :P Much prefer the French shoe string fries.

UJ had the deep fried sole, which smelt amazing and tasted even better. I guess one does not really expect a hawker center to have sole on the menu. This was excellent. If you order this you will be the envy of everyone sitting around you due to the smell coming from your table.

LZ got the mushroom omelette and chips, which I think was overpriced and the sort of thing you can make yourself at home. Oh well!

Still, I think the patrons who come here do so out of a sense of nostalgia and historicity rather than because they crave the food (not possible).


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