Dinner at Brotzeit (Chanterelle menu)

Time to get cracking on the (very small) backlog of posts from sg :P So we visited Brotzeit I think in my last week of work at the Science Park and I was totally suckered into ordering from their chanterelle menu because of the huge mouth watering poster boards outside the restaurant. That, and the grilled smell wafting from the place. I think it was a little underwhelming in the end, and chanterelles are much better prepared in Italian cuisine.

We had the Potato and celery soup with chanterelles, which was not bisque-like at all, more like a watery broth with cubes of potatoes and celery and chanterelles. Not bad, I liked this best. Very hearty and home-made feeling.

Then we got the grilled pork loin in chanterelle sauce. The pork itself was kind of bland and dry, but the chanterelle sauce was great, especially with the

Mashed potatoes with french fried onions. I guess it’s the kind of restaurant one would go to if one were craving german food, but the food here is not so great as to induce cravings.

Of course we ordered the only thing we really came here for – the lachs tartare :P Still haven’t quite figured out how to make it – probably a mix of cream cheese, chives, smoked salmon, and poached salmon. It’s so good though with cucumbers and rye. I highly recommend choosing this with the lunch set.


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