Something that actually has peas

I’ve been ignoring this place for about a month now since we made The Big Move to Seattle as grad students at UW. The only reason I’m updating this is because I’m putting off my math homework :D

So I made Kenji’s “lighter” tuna noodle casserole for lunch today after receiving the recipe in my inbox a few days ago.

It’s lighter because it uses creme fraiche mixed with an egg. It was incredibly difficult to scale this recipe down for two people, and I used canned tuna because I actually like canned tuna, and tuna melts, and tuna salad… Also creme fraiche is ridiculously expensive at QFC ($6+ for a small tub) (undoubtedly more ridiculously expensive in Singapore, I don’t even want to know how much). Is it roughly the same as sour cream?? I found it snugly nestled amongst all the other (vastly more affordable) sour cream tubs but am not sure if that means it’s the same thing.

Also I had a half used 1 lb bag of frozen peas just sitting around in my freezer after I prepared 8 single-serving shepherd’s pies for our dinners when we are busy with homework and don’t have time to cook.

Here they are thawing in my largest Crate & Barrel pinch pot. I’ve got terrible self-discipline, and bought these pinch pots again over here even though I already own them in Singapore. Soon I’ll have an exact copy of all my utensils in Singapore over here.

Here’s the tuna noodle casserole with the peas sticking out. Put in a little too many peas than were necessary, but LZ loved it, semi-cooked peas and all.

1) I modified the recipe a little bit, by frying chopped shallots in butter in my deep skillet before adding the uncooked egg noodles and some hot water (not even enough to cover)
2) If you stir the noodles enough in insufficient water, they’ll cook anyway, particularly if they’re egg noodles. I don’t like them too soft either so that worked for me.
3) My light chunk tuna flaked apart into nothingness, so get extra chunky tuna if you can, and flake it yourself in the skillet.
4) Even the most unskilled college student can prepare this, although they may not be able to afford creme fraiche :P I know nothing about tuna casserole (first time making it) so don’t know what the “original heavy” version uses for cream. Regular heavy cream? Canned soup?


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