Elemental Pizza, University Village

Since I have such a large photo backlog for eats in Seattle, I’m just going to start blogging about the restaurants here even though I have about 10 backdated drafts for Singaporean restaurants to finish!

Can’t wait to talk about food in the Emerald City, which has been amazing so far. I’ve liked nearly everything I’ve eaten (except some of the food in chain restaurants :P)

Elemental Pizza is a pizzeria in the University Village which we popped into for a late lunch one day

The Fun Guy pizza – cremini mushrooms, mozzarella, and tomatoes.

To be honest, not a very inspiring pizza, but good enough. You can see the pizza chefs tossing the dough in the middle of the restaurant.

I think this place is trying to do pizzas the Italian way (it certainly doesn’t taste like American pizza, a la Pagliacci’s etc.) but the crust is too thick and there wasn’t much (any) sauce to speak of. Did they forget it? The pizza was average/good but I wouldn’t necessarily crave it!

We shared a half Caesar salad (which is huge, as you can see) and it was oddly served with a slice of lemon. This was another quirk I’ve found out thus far – Seattlelites like their Caesar salad sour. How strange! I’ve always been used to Caesar being super savory and anchovy-ey with nutty parmesan but this one was more sour than anything else. Not a fan. The lemon actually goes quite well with it but that’s because the dressing is totally un-Caesar like imo. I could learn to like this but I still prefer my caesar dressing with a good strong whiff of anchovies and a poached egg.

Just a short post this time! We’ve been making the Happy Hour circuit at the restaurants near us, and I’ll report more on those soon :)


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