Lunch at Senjyu

This place opened at Northpoint a few months ago in place of Sakae Sushi, although if I’m not wrong it’s merely an upscaled version of Sakae. The only sushi I tried here (also the only sushi I eat) was the tamago sushi, and the rice was hard, dry, and not very well dressed with vinegar, and considering it’s a conveyor belt sushi place, that is more than a little embarrassing! Definitely wouldn’t go back, the food quality and execution leaves much to be desired, although their plating is really quite good.

We tried the potato croquettes, which are average.

The oyakodon was thoroughly meh and the chicken didn’t taste fresh. The rice was also weirdly chewy.

We really liked the clams in shoyu butter sauce, although Sushi Tei’s asari butter clams still beats the pants off this one!

The grilled black cod is somewhat respectable, and served with deep fried slivers of spring onion.

Matcha latte – this is a warm drink! I was really surprised when it came, most matcha lattes in Singapore are usually assumed to be cold, especially if one is going to put whipped cream on top! This was not bad though.

The hotate canapes are so beautifully plated, and taste great too. You only get 3 pieces for $8+ though, but at least the calories are worth it!

Random sushi loaded with mentaiko – I didn’t try this although the mentaiko looks quite nicely grilled. I believe the beancurd skin is filled with a chicken and corn salad.

They had a chawanmushi doused in crab sauce which I wanted to try. They use real lump crabmeat here but it tastes industrially extracted, cold, hard, and not tender at all. It’s also rather fishy. In general I wouldn’t order the chawanmushi here either, which is not very silky and maybe even a little powdery. You can probably see from my picture here that the prawn was frozen and not fresh too.

Even worse tamago sushi. The rice was dry and crumbly! I have no idea how a sushi place can screw up sushi rice, but somehow they did it!

Save the money and eat somewhere else. Admittedly I don’t think there are many decent food places in Northpoint so I usually just head for the hawker centre/food court, where at least the food is cheap and more satisfying than at these restaurants. Mayim’s soy sauce chicken and “kimchi” appetizer is somewhat respectable, and when I’m desperate I’ll eat at the ABC korean bbq chicken in the basement (their olive oil fried rice and fried chicken is not bad), but I haven’t actually found anything I really, really like in Northpoint.


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