Dinner at Follia

A farewell dinner with XM this time. Whenever I’m back here I always check out the specials. The specials at this restaurant are usually actually special, compared to many other places which just use specials to rid their kitchen of expiring product (all the soupe du jours of the world, you know you who are!) This time we had the cherry stone clams, I think steamed in some kind of marinade.

These are the largest clams I have ever eaten, and very fresh too!

They were also serving a slow cooked veal cheek that day- I think if ever there is a “slow cooked” anything on the menu, you have to get it. It’s usually only available on the weekends I guess, and a limited portion as well. If there isn’t, well, you could try the osso buco, which is very good as well. This was super melty and tender.

We had the scampi risotto, which is like their seafood risotto, but with scampi. Very deep shellfish flavour, and well worth ordering. I know people who come here just to eat this.

F had us try the new and improved tiramisu with a milky chocolate sauce – definitely a ton better than the first time I ate here on its opening day! They changed the sourcing for their mascarpone and this is creamy and decadent, especially with that chocolate sauce.

On the rare occasion where we order more desserts than mains :P (and didn’t even budget stomach space for the tiramisu) so we also had the sebadas

And the lemon tart, which is really quite tart. I liked it a lot, although I think this one might take the least skill to make of the 3!

They also had a dessert special that day: a chocolate pyramid (chocolate mousse and peanut butter cream enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache) which was very nice. Kudos to the new dessert chef!

My favourite dessert is still the sebadas, which I reckon would be yours too if you were more savoury inclined than sweet :)


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