Dinner at Newton Circus

Had dinner with the girls here, the last one for a while and I got to choose the location. I think the two times I’ve suggested this place to friends they all ask “isn’t it a really touristy place? and kind of a rip off?” Well I don’t know if it is but even a touristy ripoff zhi char place I think has better value for money than many restaurants we inevitably end up at! Of course you have to not mind the heat and the sweatiness, but it was evening and we got an alfresco table. The only thing I don’t like about this place is the many people that come around tables selling their sob story and keychains/pens/random donation vouchers to you. I hate that. Especially when I’m just trying to enjoy a meal with my friends, somehow their asking for money seems a little antagonistic because they almost uniformly try to guilt trip you about having a better life than them. I honestly don’t want to think about how some ex-convict can’t find a job because in his misguided youth he created a criminal record for himself and other miscellaneous societal problems over a perfectly nice dinner, but this sentiment is not up to you if you eat in the Newton Circus Hawker Center.

Anyway, I was here a coupla weeks ago and we ordered some really bad carrot cake then, so this time I did a little bit more research and we wound up with this. Not bad, not GREAT, but ok. Still prefer the Ghim Moh one (which I hear has moved to Alexandra Rd :( ) or the carrot cake at Yishun St 61 over this.

This was from Guan Kee: Stir fried kailan in oyster sauce. Yay for a copious scattering of fried shallots, but they bought it in bulk instead of frying it themselves. Well you can’t have everything in life.

BBQed chicken wings – very good. Can’t remember the stall, think it was about 5-6 stalls to the right of Guan Kee.

Really weird chicken satay that I highly do not recommend. It’s from Siti Khadijah seafood. Well your best bet is just to walk around, see a satay you like on someone’s table and ask them where they got it from :P Or at least have a look at the output of each stall (and the queue) before ordering. They used like chicken breast or something which is a huge no-no for satay.

Grilled squid from Newton grill. Great with the lime.

And of course sambal stingray, which Guan Kee does well. The sambal is fiery (for me) but so worth the sweat and runny noses.

Ahh I miss hawker food so much. BBQ-ed stingray is really the sort of thing you can’t exactly cook for yourself in an ang moh country (like the US. where does one even get stingray? Or good sambal? Or a proper charcoal grill?).

We spent about $12 each among the 5 of us.


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