Lunch at Gordon Grill, Goodwood Park Hotel

I’d promised to take SL here after telling her about the amazing set lunch they do and since we were off for two weeks in August we finally managed to go here for lunch. The first time we came we were brought by a lovely couple in Z’s church who were treating him and me for helping their daughter with some statistics problem haha. Sometimes it’s useful to know just enough about math and computers. I was so impressed that day and have always wanted to return, but it’s hard to be free on a weekday lunch if you’re not retired.

How the lunch menu here works is this: for each section of the menu, you essentially order a sampler platter. Like for the soup section, you get to choose 3 cups of soup of different flavours, and in the appetizer section, you get to choose 3 different appetizers. All of them are small, so you get to try nearly everything without being too full. The entree section comes singly of course.

I usually get their chilled angel hair pasta with caviar – one wonders how one ever ate pasta any other way. This is amazing, but requires good sourcing of course so not really quite replicable in the home kitchen.

I also get the poached langoustine which comes with a sweet citrusy dressing. Very delicate textured and always makes me feel like I should have chosen 3 langoustines haha.

Seared hokkaido scallop draped with pancetta – amazing. Quite similar to the one done at Binomio.

LZ got the foie gras, which is really creamy.

I had the mushroom cappuccino soup which is really thick and smooth (not quite the grainy sort) with slivers of truffle in it.

The French onion soup is good although I think they could have put a little more cheese.

Lobster bisque – strong sherry flavour. I liked this but would have preferred it with more cream (i.e. american style, not the singaporean ‘hay mee’ style lobster bisque)

LZ had the chicken consomme, which also strangely had truffle in it. The chicken was really nice though!

LZ ordered the seared threadfin on herb puree and tapenade for his entree. I’m not a big fan of tapenade, but the fish in general was pretty well done.

SL had the quail confit with foie gras which she liked a lot, but said there was too much foie gras haha! They served the quail with two slices of foie gras, and by ‘slices’ I really mean ‘slabs’. Is there such a thing as too much foie gras? Apparently there is, and you can achieve that happy nirvana at Gordon Grill.

I had the steak. Well done (pooh to all you puritans out there, I like my steak brown.) It was still juicy, but of course not as much as if they had served it rare. I liked it a lot! Especially the potato puree and caramelized carrots/parsnips it came with.

We tried all 4 desserts on the dessert menu among the four of us – you get to select two desserts as part of the sampler.

The red wine poached pear tart was alright, nothing fantastic I thought but that’s probably cause I am neither a fan of pear or of red wine.

I actually liked the chocolate lemon parfait even though Z thought it was weird to have chocolate and something sour. It went quite well I thought! Something similar to orange chocolate flavour.

The creme brulee with lime sorbet was delicious, again a creamy vanilla texture with a sour note.

But the one dessert I liked out of everything was the “profiterole” with kahlua ice cream – doesn’t look like a profiterole in any way but so good. It turns out the chocolatiest dessert wins again! Kahlua ice cream is amazing, and you can get it from the daily scoop. It’s so much more complex than regular coffee ice cream once you put that alcohol in it. You can also sort of approximate it by adding kahlua to vanilla affogato style.

Clearly if one wants to go for the Gordon Grill lunch one should arrive with an empty stomach!


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