Dinner at L’entrecote

Back here for the affordable duck confit! No crappy service this time since it was a weekday and we were eating pretty late.

The duck confit was still delicious, even though the skin wasn’t crisped all the way. Still the best thing on their menu imo!

We also got the new york burger since we didn’t want to have to finish two big mains (since were were coming here from Patisserie G ._. hehe)

oeuf mimosa – I liked this a lot! Haven’t really had any deviled eggs in Singapore, which is strange. I really love deviled eggs as I’m sure a lot of other people would but nobody seems to sell it? It’s easy to make at least so you can DIY at home

Here are the pre-dinner desserts at patisserie G :P

gateau st. honore – I love the caramel coating of the choux puffs, and even the shortbread bar to which they are glued. The vanilla bean cream inside is really good too.

And of course the G-spot. I wish I had more stomach space and 3x my metabolism so I could actually try some of their other pastries. I have tried the tiramisu which has this slightly gelatinous skin covering it and it’s not as good as these two.

I haven’t really had any delicate french desserts here in Seattle yet – most restaurants just offer the same combination of apple pie, lava cake (not homemade, just generic frozen and then heated up in the oven), cheesecake, and all sorts of starchy/sweet things I don’t like.


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